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Huge Copier Lease Savings

February 10, 2020 |By NuQuo Admin | Business

There’s nothing worse than walking away from a negotiation that is completely one sided. As a copier consulting firm, NuQuo represents the client to ensure all vendors are being honest and held accountable to that same standard.

Consider These 4 Things

There are four insights that can create huge copier lease savings for your company. Each of these insights has been proven successful by partners of NuQuo during the renewal of copier leases.


1. Life Expectancy

First off, let’s talk about the equipment life expectancy. This is how many clicks, or prints your machine is assumed to perform throughout it’s useful life.

It’s important that you understand this because you don’t want to overpay for clicks you’re not using throughout your contract. Those pennies will add up quicker than you might think!

Every machines has a unique life expectancy so make sure that you’re aware of what your company needs are. Don’t overpay for something that you aren’t in need of just because it sounds like your getting a great deal.


2. Utilization

Second, equipment utilization. It’s absolutely critical to perform an equipment analysis before you jump into a copier lease head on.

When you perform the analysis you will be able to better understand your utilization rate. This is basically how much of the equipment life you are using up within the terms of your contract.


3. Fine Print Fees

Third, look at your contract carefully! We can’t stress this enough. We would encourage finding someone who is familiar with contract language. This will save you many headaches before your lease even starts.

Important aspects to look for in your initial contract are monthly minimum click rates, included services, and end-of-lease terms.


4. Maintenance Agreement

Fourth, the maintenance agreement. We discussed this briefly in fine print of the terms and conditions of the contract. When negotiating your new copier lease, make sure that your included services are everything that you expect.

It’s okay to be obnoxiously particular on this topic. It will be worth it throughout your 3-5 year contract. For example, you might have access to equipment repairs, but maybe you would like a monthly maintenance check to ensure your equipment is performing at its best.


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