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How to Determine What A Great Copier Lease Looks Like

March 11, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Using A Copier Consultant

One of the greatest pitfalls in the copier industry is not knowing what good looks like. We are NuQuo, a copier consulting firm with an exceptional understanding of the copier industry. We help businesses negotiate thousands in savings per month on copier contracts.

We are not a traditional vendor that supplies the equipment. What makes us different is the fact that we represent you. We bring our knowledge of the industry to you. We not only help you negotiate unbelievable pricing on your contracts, but we help save you hundreds of hours if you were to negotiate yourself.

Our goal is to help our clients get what they need for the best price possible. When helping our clients find what great looks like, we try to focus on three key areas.


Let’s Get Practical

When it comes to copier machines there seems to be unlimited options. One of the benefits of this is that you have lots to choose from. The downside is, you have lots to choose from. In order to make the best decision you should consider which machines will be the most practical for your office space.

For instance, do you have a small office space? If so, a high end commercial copier may not be the right fit for you. After all, they don’t call these machines aircraft carriers for no reason.

Some other things to consider are whether or not printing speed, page capacity and scanning capabilities are something that is important to your office. Do you have a large staff that prints frequently? If, so you will want to emphasize page speed so people aren’t waiting on documents and causing you to lose office productivity. 


Another important aspect to consider is your print volume. Do you know how many pages you’re printing on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis? Have you ever considered that this could help you negotiate a better price on your contract? Many companies don’t know how much they’re printing and will consequently throw away thousands of dollars upon renewal.

One way to avoid misspending is to analyze your contract carefully. Many contracts have monthly minimums implemented into the language of the agreement. This means that you will pay for the minimum number of copies whether or not you actually reach that capacity. If you know what your print volume is you will be able to avoid this problem by only negotiating what you need and not what your sales rep thinks you would love!

An Escape Clause

The escape clause is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an addendum to a contract that provides a way for clients to escape an undesired agreement. For example, let’s say that after your first year of leasing you find that your total on your invoices increase by 15%. You soon realize when you look over the contract you signed a year ago, that the invoices will “hereby increase by 15% on an annual basis.”

If you’re in a 5 year contract, that’s a lot of wasted money!

The escape clause allows you to get out of unfortunate predicaments like this with early buyouts, re-negotiations, etc.

Let’s Recap!

We provide our clients with enormous amounts of knowledge related to the copier industry. We do this in order to protect them from a contract that favors the vendor. If you are interested in learning more of our insights, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions.


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