Full-Service Copier Consulting Firm.


  • We are not a vendor
  • We don’t sell  copier equipment
  • We negotiate pricing & terms on your behalf

Negotiating power.

NuQuo works simply because we are experts in the copier industry. As consultants in this space we are dedicated to securing the best pricing & terms for our clients. One way we do this by allowing you to achieve greater negotiating power. 

We are an extension of your staff.


We are not a vendor. We do not sell equipment to our clients. We represent them throughout the negotiation process and do all the heavy lifting so they can focus on what they do best.

It’s your contract, just better. 

We save you money

We save all of our clients a significant amount of money on their copier contracts. We don’t call our business model a jaw-dropper for nothing. 

We save you time

Many of our clients have shared that the amount of time we saved them on the renegotiation of their copier contracts far outweighed the 30-60% cost save.

We are transparent

We don’t just do the job for you. We help our clients to understand how our cost recovery process works. 

Why choose us.

What we have to offer is unlike anything that is being done at the moment. The unregulated nature of the copier industry allows for extremely high profit margins which seem to favor the vendor. This is where we come in. We invite all businesses to take a chance on NuQuo.


They are an independent expert in this space that just flatly delivers on what they say they will.

Fran Caprai, IT Director

We are a pretty small business yet we still realized a savings of over $42,000.”

Kerry Harpole, Executive Director

“NuQuo saved nearly 600 hours of work for our staff.”

Andy Lefgren, IT Operations Manager

“Everything they say and everything they do is 100% legit. Blew my mind!”

Andrew Woehle, CEO

“If you want to look good, you partner with someone like NuQuo.”

Bob DeRosia, Director of Procurement

“We really liked that we didn’t have to pay anything up front.”

Kari Stansberry, Senior VP 

Most recent blogs.

We believe in  adding value before asking for value. We do our best to educate all businesses. We create content regarding the copier industry as well as business insider tips.

Speak with a copier consultant.

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