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Getting The Most Out of Your Copier Contract

August 5, 2020 |By NuQuo Admin

Tracking Your Activity

It’s not uncommon to find that your copier contract has monthly minimums included into the language of the agreement. Meaning, that you are going to pay for a specified amount of copies, even if you don’t come close to reaching that minimum. If you’re already legally tied to your contract, you may want to start preparing for your next contract right now.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is start tracking the activity of your office copiers. How many prints are actually being made on your machines every week, month, or year?

Once you know how many copies your office is averaging, you can make a more educated decision on your next copier contract. The copier industry is a high margin industry with lots of unnecessary fluff written into most contracts. Don’t let that fluff confuse you. Learn what you need and don’t pay for anything more. When you take the initiative to educate yourself, you won’t be persuaded to pay more for a contract with monthly minimums that you just don’t need.


Quarterly Reviews

Tracking the activity on your machines may sound very overwhelming, and that’s because it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, your service provider knows how to track your activity and they should be doing this for you. The problem is, most people don’t think to even ask for this service because they don’t know it’s value. You’re paying  your provider for a service contract aren’t you? Use them. You should be able to set up a quarterly reviews to track the analytics on all of your machines. Most contracts should allow for this. If your provider tells you this isn’t a service provided for your contract, you’ve got a problem.

Use Your Machines

Now that you’re a bit more informed on the activity of your office copiers and printers, use them as much as you can. Utilization is a huge problem within the copier industry when it comes to leasing machines. In many leases, you may find that only 20% of the machine’s life has been used in a contract. Meaning, the provider will probably upgrade your machines at the start of your new contract and lease your old machines to someone else to profit yet again.

We’re not saying that this is an awful and rotten thing to do. It’s simply just business. But what we are saying is that if you’re already going to pay for your machine, use it. Get the most out of your machine now while you have them in your office.


Let’s Recap!

Today we have discussed how to get the most out of your copier contract. One of the biggest pitfalls in a copier contract is a lack of knowledge. Get informed and then you’ll be prepared for your next contract.

We provide our clients with enormous amounts of knowledge related to the copier industry. We do this in order to protect them from a contract that favors the vendor. If you are interested in learning more of our insights, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions.


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