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Copier Consultants Are Saving Millions For Companies

February 21, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Business

What is a copier consultant? A group of copier industry experts. They are dedicated to helping clients save time and money.

Copier consultants are quickly becoming more common in the business world. This is because of their ability to save clients both time and money. They analyze and find savings on copier lease agreements. Not only upcoming contracts, but existing contracts as well.

The copier industry is a tricky industry. It has lots of pitfalls. We want our clients to be cautious of these mishaps.  With the knowledge of copier consultants on your side, you can avoid common mistakes many companies make.

Our company, NuQuo Group started with an idea to represent the client. The copier industry is an unregulated industry. Because of this many people don’t know how much they’re losing out on. As copier consultants, we become an extension of your staff to help you know what you need to know.

Copier Consultants Save Time

The copier industry is a niche that not many people care to learn about. Furthermore, not many people know secrets about the copier industry. That’s why copier consultants are so beneficial to companies in all vertical markets.

When a company’s copier lease comes to an end they typically want to try and negotiate. A better contract for their next leasing term would be ideal. Unfortunately, this process can take countless hours and direct focus away from more important projects.


Hours market research to find vendors that can get them a somewhat decent price. Even more time will be invested in phone calls and emails to get a quote.

Following this, you will have to sit down with your vendors to negotiate not only pricing for the machines, but the terms & conditions as well.

When you hire copier consultants, you won’t have to waste all of this time because we handle all of the heavy lifting with no extra cost.

Copier Consultants Save Money

As an extension of your staff we are dedicated to helping your business succeed. Most importantly, NuQuo Group is disruptive to the copier industry because we create an average cost save of 30-60% for all clients.

How do copier consultants provide this kind of savings? There are a couple of reasons savings like this can be provided. The first reason is because of our industry knowledge. As previously touched on, the copier industry is a unique niche which most aren’t familiar with. In short, the copier industry is our speciality. We know what the benchmark best rates are. Secondly, we have relationships within the industry that allow us to find pricing that not many vendors can provide.

IWhat if I can’t save money? If we can’t save your company money, you won’t owe us a penny. We are only paid based on a percentage of savings we create for your company.



Copier Consultants Are Transparent

It’s so important that when you hire someone to negotiate your copier contracts, you are involved in the entire process. We understand that your company may not specialize in copier negotiation. This is why we prioritize transparency with all of our clients.

How are copier consultants transparent? There are many situations that copier consultants need to be transparent with clients. For example, when it comes to terms and conditions. It’s critical for you to know what the language of a contract is saying. Be cautious with small print to avoid big problems. It’s not uncommon for companies to get stuck with monthly minimums. This means lots of money lost!


Another example is when the client doesn’t know what they want. We operate with real numbers provided by our analytics team. This will help our clients to understand what their usage is and what they need. Only from here can our clients negotiate a contract that is tailored to their business needs.


Let’s Recap!

How can copier consultants help my company? In short, copier consultants are a full-service power house that bring not only time and savings to your company, but copier industry insider knowledge as well.

They also make sure to keep all vendors in check ensuring that you are getting the best deal on your copier leasing agreement.


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