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Ways to Save Money On Copier Machine Expenses | Ink & Toner Cost Saving Tricks 

February 28, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Office Technology

Huge Profit Margins

It’s no doubt that the copier industry is an unregulated industry with lots of pitfalls. You would be absolutely amazed to know the kind of profit margins that fill a vendors pockets!

If you’re looking for ways to save money on copier machine expenses, you’ve come to the right place. We are full-service copier consultant with expertise in the print industry. We help companies to renegotiate their copier contracts. We’ve helped negotiate an average savings between 30-60% for all of our clients.

If you prefer to purchase your equipment and are just looking for ways to save money, that’s okay too. Today we are going to direct our focus on cost reduction for ink and toner supplies.


Ways to Save Money On Copier Machine Expenses

When it comes to saving money in the copier/print industry, it’s all about what you know. It’s an unregulated industry, but it’s very possible for you to learn the best practices and save lots of money for your business.


Type of Cartridge

Let’s first start off by understanding the difference between ink and toner. The biggest difference is the process in which each adhere to surfaces.

Toner cartridges use an electromagnetic process with a powder-like substance. In this method a hot fusing rod melts positively charged molecules (in the toner) to negatively charged particles on material surfaces.


Toners are typically more expensive for this reason. How they work is much more complex than an ink cartridge, but this ensures that they have a higher quality.

Another huge money saving characteristic of a toner cartridges is they have a much higher yield than an ink cartridge. They can last you twice as long!

Ink on the other hand, uses a much more simple droplet-like process. In this method small droplets of ink are sprayed onto the material surface in a sophisticated pattern.


The type of cartridge that you are using will determine your cost. It’s important to know this before purchasing a machine. Printers are cheaper in the beginning, but they aren’t as efficient and you will be paying more in the long run to replace ink cartridges more frequently

The difference between ink and toner can be related to painting a canvas with a paintbrush vs a garden hose. In the long run you will use much less toner (per job) than you will ink.


Amount of Supplies

When it comes to food, people like to get their money’s worth. It’s shouldn’t be any different for your ink and toner supply. It’s important to do some research. Each supplier will have different cost to supply ratios. Find out which one works for your business. Call around and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Another important thing to remember is not to overbuy. This is one of the most common mistakes than companies make. Don’t let a salesman convince you to buy more than you need simply because it’s a good deal and promotion they won’t be running for much longer.

It’s tempting, but creating a budget is key to this process. If your serious about finding ways to save money on copier machines expenses, you have to stick to your guns. Only buy what you need and you won’t regret it.


Brand of Cartridge

When purchasing your copier and printers make sure that you’re being as simple as possible. We get that all machines are different, but using as few brands as possible will greatly benefit you.

This is because if you have 15 different brands in the office, you will have to buy various cartridges for all of them. This means you’re going to buy ink and toner cartridges more often. Eventually an impulse decision, made for the sole purpose of stocking up on your office supply, will lead to overbuying

Another huge money saving tip is to avoid OEM cartridges. Simply put, these are brand name cartridges that cost a lot more. Instead, you can purchase “compatible” cartridges that are literally the same product and get the same job done. The difference is one had a brand-name sticker slapped on it during assembly.


Refill Your Cartridges

Buying a new cartridge can cost you significant amount of money, especially if your buying OEM cartridges. This is why we recommend that you only do that once. After you have purchased your ink or toner cartridge, get them refilled.

You can find places that will refill your cartridges for a fraction of the original price you paid originally. This may take a little bit more work on your part, but can tremendously reduce the cost of your ink and toner supply.


Let’s Recap!

If your looking ways to save money on your copier machine expenses, this is how to do it.  It’s all about being dedicated to reducing your current cost.

All of these tips will require you to put in a little extra thought. If you don’t have time for that, that’s okay. But if you’re serious about saving money for your copiers and printers, follow these recommendations!


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