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The Importance of Network Printer Security & How to Properly Set It Up

February 26, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Office Technology

Network Printer Security

Advances in technology have ensured limitless possibilities in the digital world. With that being said, it’s very important to capitalize on cyber security software to protect your business equipment. Let’s talk about copiers and printers.

Did you know that in the United States alone, there are over 30 million machines being used personally and for business. In addition, only about 2% of those machines are secured by some sort of protection software. This is a problem with serious potential consequences!

Reasons to Secure Your Machines

Today we are going to talk about the importance of security system for your office copiers and printer. We will discuss potential threats and how to spot them before they happen.

Furthermore, we will discuss how you can optimize your security strategy by implementing some simple protocols in your office.


Unauthorized Print Jobs

The print industry continues to evolve as it integrates with new technology. People can now print 3D products from printers, and it seems to be nothing new. Nonetheless, it’s very important to know who is using the machines at all times.

Why you might ask? When it comes to printing paper, an unauthorized use may only run you a few cents. But what if your printers were hacked. What if the unauthorized event triggered all of the printers in a large geographical region. This is not only very costly, but also a huge waste of paper.

Let’s say that the unauthorized use is on a 3D printer. This kind of print can cost you anywhere between $3.00 and $7.00 per cubic inch.

To prevent unauthorized prints, you can use authorization codes and web interfaces. You can also set up a password or pin for the machines.


Figure 1. Screenshot of  printer password setup. “Deterring Unauthorized Copying. (n.d.). Retrieved from Konica Minolta

We understand that typing a password every time you print may be tedious. Another option is to obtain print ID cards for your company staff. It will make the process quicker and still prevent unauthorized prints.


Network Vulnerability

It’s no secret that nowadays you have to safeguard printer technology from online threats. If equipment is left unsecured, you open yourself up to serious risk.

Malicious attacks are becoming more common in printer technology and have proven to be very costly if not caught soon enough. It’s important to know what to look for in order to keep Malware out of your printers.


How printers are hacked is very much like any other technology. There has to be a path that allows the hacker to get into the printer. In short, be cautious about how often your printer is connected to the internet.

This is the bridge that invites malicious attacks into your machines. If it’s is always connected to the internet it will only increase your chances of a breach. Your network printer security is useless if you’re inviting the problem in freely.


Access to Sensitive Information

Lots of times people think that a hacker’s only intention is to spread viruses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most hackers want to turn a profit from their work. Selling information is a big business with lots of potential for profit. It’s just that some people do it illegally, and this needs to be stopped.


Whether your company is big or small, it has lots of valuable information.  Your competitors would love to get their hands on this kind of thing. Some companies will purchase information such as intellectual property, trade secrets,  and business strategies giving them a competitive advantage. 

One way you can prevent this sort of thing from happening is by placing security passwords on the documents you print. You can also get software that secures your printer when it’s making prints. These can be fairly cheap ways to go about printing confidential documents.

If you’re interested watermarking your documents for extra security, it will cost more, but will be very effective!


Whether for fun, or to actually profit off of you, it’s possible for someone to breach your device and lock you out of your printer. Of course this problem can be solved, but it will require a reset protocol on your machine.

Be sure to change your printer default settings and passwords. This will help protect your software from being hacked, rest assured.



Let’s Recap!

Let’s solve the problem together! The fact that printer technology is advancing means that our security should be advancing as well. If you stay ahead of the game, you can be sure that your network printer security will be reliable when it’s needed most.


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