You’ve probably seen Steve Williams before. Chances are you don’t know who he is, but you’ve seen him. You probably saw him on TV during a major PGA championship event, or perhaps in the background of a highlight reel on SportsCenter as Tiger Woods drained a putt on the 18th hole. Steve was always there when Tiger won. He was there when Tiger lost. In fact, Steve Williams was on every course with Tiger Woods from 1999-2011. Why? Because Steve Williams was Tiger Woods’ caddie. He carried Tiger’s bag, removed the pin flag, knew the yardage of each green, and recommended a particular club for each shot. He was an instrumental part of every victory. He was part coach, part adviser, and part friend—someone who worked alongside him, helping Tiger perform at his very best.

What does golf have to do with Managed Print Services?

Having a Managed Print Service (MPS) is like having a caddie. Just as a caddie knows how to improve a particular player’s game, a MPS knows how to improve a particular company’s print environment. An MPS analyzes the needs of a business and offers solutions to improve company print costs. By working with an MPS, a company can achieve everything from controlling the company’s print fleet cost to reducing document archival time.

We like what we have, is there really a need for something new?

Tiger Woods worked with Steve Williams for 11 years. They had a good thing going, so there was no reason to make a change. Maybe you’re happy with your current service provider. That’s okay! Getting an MPS doesn’t mean you have to end firmly established business relationships. Rather, an MPS can optimize these key business partnerships and contracts, ensuring that they serve the company and not the vendor. By prioritizing the company’s needs, an MPS can positively affect a company’s bottom line without changing firmly established business relationships.

Our company is too small for an MPS… (I also don’t need a caddie just to carry my clubs!)

A MPS can assess your company’s print and copy  needs through a quick engagement process to determine what steps should be taken. A MPS will find appropriate solutions that enable the company to focus its resources on developing the company’s core business, rather than wasting time and money on unnecessary print-related concerns. By improving a company’s print and copy infrastructure, an MPS will become a key contributor to any company’s success.

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