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How to Get Quality Leads: The Social Media Approach

January 9, 2020 |By NuQuo Admin | Business

Hello friends, welcome back! Today we are going to talk about how you can improve your social media marketing game in the business world.

What Is Social Media?

First off, let’s talk about what social media is and it’s why we use it.  Social media is simply an online communication platform where users are free to express their thoughts and can share them with others.

The purpose of social media is to connect with real people in the real world. This article will explain how you can properly obtain quality leads using an organic social media approach.

The Social Media Guide For B2B Marketing

As stated previously, we want to focus on connecting with real people in the real world. The audience you’re trying to reach, in the B2B market, has more than likely been desensitized to every advertisement you would ever throw at them. That’s why connecting and not just blasting advertisements is so important.

An article published by the New York Times reports that the average person sees around 5,000 ads in a single day. There’s one problem with the “blasting ads” approach. It’s simply never going to work because it creates what man call ad fatigue.

So then what makes social media marketing so effective, you might ask? The secret sauce to tasteful social media marketing is first, building trust with your audience. And second, showing them why they need what you have to offer. Here are just a few suggestions that can help your business to boost its social media presence and obtain quality leads.


Offer Valuable Insight

Have you ever heard the phrase “if it’s free, it’s for me?” People love free things! And you should use this to your advantage. You might be thinking, “what free things do I have to offer? My business is hanging by a thread as it is.”

Well, use the knowledge you have about your industry and offer valuable insight to people on social platforms (in various groups, or posts). When done effectively, people will start to see you as a thought leader within your industry and they will be interested in what you have to say. This is where you can begin selling without selling.


Avoid Clickbait

Have you ever been to a website landing page where you see a plethora of  ads resembling all the colors of the rainbow? Naturally, your first instinct might be to look for the exit button. This is because clickbait isn’t meant to be relevant to the viewer. It’s meant to reach as many eyeballs as possible.

Many companies fall under the category of blatant ignorance. They think that people actually care about what they offer. The truth is, nobody cares until they can trust you! So how do you build this trust?


Engage Audience Frequently

Let’s first look a what engagement is not! Engagement is not sharing content to promote your business and hoping to create a conversation. This works for companies who have already created a big brand for themselves, but this strategy won’t work for most companies in B2B. In fact, this strategy is put to better use in a B2C market.

Effective engagement is sharing other people’s content because you find it meaningful to your industry. Engagement is seeing another’s content and asking questions, even if it seems like a complete waste of time and has nothing to do with your industry.

This strategy will work! Just be patient and before you know it you will have an audience who you have built trust with.


Less Promotion

This concept goes hand-in-hand with both having real engagement & avoiding clickbait. The 80/20 rule is one of the most impactful marketing strategies because it focuses on putting your audience first.


Simple Landing Page

Next, let’s talk about when it is an appropriate time to promote your business. It’s imperative that you have an easily attainable landing page. Don’t make the user jump through a bunch of backlinks to eventually get to the page of your intended call to action. This will tire them out and they will bounce before they see your intended message.

Another thing to consider is your landing page design complexity. Be sure to have lots of negative space. This will make your text more desirable to read and easier to comprehend. Next, eliminate distractions and have an easily identifiable call to action.

Here are some companies that do an excellent job of having clean & simple landing pages with easily identifiable call to actions.



Tagging & Sharing

Use tags! This is probably the most important aspect of social media marketing and has helped our company to form relationships with various businesses.

Most importantly, let’s first talk about tagging. When you tag an individual in your post it alerts them they they have been mentioned. Typically when people are being talked about, or in this case, mentioned, they tend to be curious. By tagging people in your content, you increase engagement with your posts, comments and pages. So mention people in your posts!

Using #’s are a great way to group content into a relevant topics that people are searching for as we speak. Ocreative Design has great suggestions on how much to use hashtags on each social media platform. We definitely recommend taking a peek at these recommendations. Using too many hashtags on social media can get you into trouble for being too spammy.



Lastly, let’s touch on how often you should engage with your audience. Everything you do on social media needs to be consistent. This is how you build your brand. People need to know when they can expect to see your posts, but more importantly have an idea of what kind of content you’ll be sharing on social media.


Let’s Recap!

Hopefully you’ve learned a few things that you can do to improve your social media marketing game in the business world. We have touched on various tactics that will essentially boost your presence online, but don’t forget that the most important of all is to connect with real people in the real world.


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