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Keyword Research Strategy That Will Increase Website Traffic

March 11, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Marketing Strategy

Having A Website Isn’t Enough Anymore

You’ve probably heard that having an online presence is essential for your business. This is true to an extent. For example, just having a website isn’t enough anymore. You not only need to have an appealing website with information useful to your customers, but you need to market that website through the proper channels. Sure your website can help turn visitors into leads, but how are those visitors even getting to your website in the first place? 

Having a great online presence means that you have done your research and know how to appeal to your target market. Today we are going to discuss the usefulness of search engines and how you can use keyword research strategy to your advantage. 


What Are Keywords?

In short, a keyword is a unique search query that a user submits to find a specific result. When someone uses a search engine to find an answer to a specific problem, they submit a specific set of words to find the most relevant results pertaining to that query.


Why Are Keywords Important?

Nowadays search platforms rely heavily on keywords to show only the most relevant content to the user. If search engines don’t provide the most relevant content, people will stop using that search engine and it will die off, paving the way for competition to rise up.

Let’s take Google for example. It’s now considered the most popular search engine in all the world, but it wasn’t always that way. What they did was brilliant. Put simply, they took a different approach by becoming the user. They wanted to understand what the user was looking for and then provide the most relevant results.

Did you know that of all the search queries on the internet 90% of the searches come from Google alone? You can probably see why search marketing is so necessary for businesses to thrive. Of course, there are two ways to do search marketing. In one option you can pay for an audience to see your business content. In the other, you can show your content organically after you have build trust with the search engine.



What Is Keyword Research?

Whether you choose to use organic reach or pay for it, you will need to do some keyword research. This will help you rank for certain query’s that users are searching for on search engines. In short, keyword research is the process of learning what solutions will be most relevant to your target market.

Learn about specific industries and the problems that exist within that target market. Once you learn about the issues that conflict your audience, you will be able to better provide content that will pull them in.


Keyword Research Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that I always see people make when doing keyword research is not fully utilizing their content to fit a certain keyword. If you trying to solve a problem by offering website hosting with very low rates and quick response time, don’t lead your audience to your home page.

For one this is irrelevant and will drive the majority of traffic away from your site in a matter of seconds. Today we are going to discuss some keyword research strategies that will help your increase your website traffic and turn leads into long-term customers.


Long-Tail Keywords

Ranking for keywords can be difficult. Not only because search engines are looking to rank only the most relevant content (by their standards), but because you have competition trying to rank as well. Using long-tail keywords is a great way to surpass your competition and rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP’s).

Long-tail keywords work in a few different ways. The first way they work is the most obvious. That is, long-tail keywords typically have lower search volumes. This usually deters other competition from using keywords like this. Your competition is most likely fishing within a saturated market of keywords. This gives you a better advantage of obtaining higher quality website traffic.


The second reason that long-tail keywords are great is the fact that they can give you a perspective of the user. Ranking for long-tail keywords allows you to target users looking for a specific solution. For example, instead of ranking for a highly competitive keyword like “copiers,” you can rank for something more specific like “how to save money on copier machine expenses.” This not only sets your content apart from competitors, but it makes you extremely relevant.


Search Intent

Earlier we discussed how Google became such a popular search engine. Do you remeber why? It was because they allowed themselves to think like the user. This allowed them to provide extremely relevant search results for their users.

The second keyword research strategy is to become your target market. When ranking for keywords, think like they would think. What are they typing into the search bar? This will help you rank for keywords with the highest ROI.


If you have ever been fly fishing then you know you cannot just put any type of bait on your line and expect to catch fish. You have to understand the behavior of the fish. What flies are they eating at the time of year? What time of day are they feeding? In short, you have to think like your audience in order to rank for the best keywords.


Keyword Density

Lastly, is keyword density. Use the keyword within the content of your ads and your landing pages. This will increase the relevancy of your content and allow you to rank higher for the search query pertaining to that keyword. 

One thing to keep in mind is having too much of a keyword. If the keyword is too saturated within the content this can be considered “keyword stuffing.” You can be penalized for the practice and it will be harder to climb search ranks in the future.


Let’s Recap!

Today we discussed three strategies that you can take advantage of during your keyword research process. Keyword research strategy is so important and if you utilize it correctly, you will see an increase of traffic on your website.

Not only will you see an increase in website traffic, but you can also see an increase in the number of qualified leads that visit your website as well. 


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