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How to Get People Interested In Your Business Model |The Online Mind Game

February 28, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Marketing

Every Business Owner’s Dream

Hats off to you if you’re anything like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg. All of these people have had amazing success and many business owners wish for this sort of dominance in their individual markets.

All business owner’s want to see their hard work pay off and for their company to prosper. Unfortunately, we can’t all be like Jeff Bezos and dominate the world overnight like Amazon has seemingly done so. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be at the top of our niche markets.

There is no secret recipe for business, but there are good practices for success. If you follow these insights, you can increase your chances of achieving every business owner’s dream. Today we are going to look at how you can increase your customer base and drive interest to your business.

How to Get People Interested In Your Business Model

When it comes to growing your business, it’s all about finding out how you can best market your product or services. It’s kind of like playing a strategy game.

If you’re not much of a strategist, don’t worry. The secret isn’t to guess what your customers are thinking. The goal is to come up with a plan to target the right people, at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. If your plan doesn’t work, we’ll teach you to make adjustments to that plan and try again.


The Mind Game

The Mind Game is marketing strategy that will increase customer interest. Marketing can be tricky, but there are a few things that remain constant. Let’s talk about a few of those things.


Message “M”

Is your message as clear as it can be? When you create content, make cold calls, etc. your message needs to be clear to the audience or they will bounce. Nowadays people make themselves very busy and they don’t have time to investigate your business if they aren’t absolutely sure it can help them.

Let’s start off by understanding what problem is your business is trying to solve. Be upfront about the problem that your audience faces and how you can provide a unique solution to resolve their concern. This is a hook that will reel your audience into further exploration of your business model.

Is your message brief? There is nothing worse than investing time into a never ending rabbit hole. You have to know when to stop using hooks and just get to the point. If you never get to the point, you will never make any money.

Is your message authentic? If your message is unique you will thrive plain and simple! You don’t want to be the same as all of your competitors. For example if you’re a grass cutting business, you might also offer tree and shrubbery grooming as well. This sets you apart from the many grass cutting business that just cut grass.

This can benefit your business greatly! You won’t have to decrease your price because you are unique. This prevents you from being forced into a price war like your competitors who are all the same.


Invitation “I”

Why is it important to invite? Having an invitation on your website or within your content is huge! Without one, all of your hard work goes unnoticed. Invitations, or call to actions let people know what they are to do next in order to progress towards conversion.

When should you invite? In certain situations, it’s okay to invite your audience to act on your message as much as you would like In other, not so much. For example, on your website it’s okay to have multiple call to action buttons on a given page. People are used to this nowadays. Just be careful not to tire your audience by overdoing it with irrelevant invitations.

Let’s say you’re a health and wellness company that sells a dieting and meal planning course. If you write a blog about good sleep routines, invitations shouldn’t have a call to action button to “get a free quote” for your diet plans. Instead, they should say “start sleeping better today.” The call to action will then lead the user to a page that talks about the correlation between having a good diet and better sleep.

More than likely the person doesn’t want to pay for a dieting and meal planning course. But if your invitation is enticing enough…1) you won’t lose your audience’s interest and 2) it will increase the likelihood that they become a client.

As far as advertisements on other channels like social media, it’s important to not only be relevant and interesting, but optimal with how much you invite.


How should you invite? When inviting people to act on your message, be bold. Contradictory to popular belief, people like bold because it gives them direction. Imagine having a call to action button that said “get a free quote…if you really want to. If not, no hard feelings.

When you invite people to act boldly with a “start saving now” or “learn how to get rich quick” it gives people a clear idea of what to expect when they act on that invitation. You can be bold because you have the data or content to back up your invitation on the other side of that call to action.

The other thing to be mindful of is people’s search intent. Have you ever heard that “content is king?” Forget that and always remember that curiosity is king! You may have awesome content, but if you can’t get people to be more curious about what you have to offer, it’s doesn’t matter if your message has been planned out point by point. Do some thinking and try to understand what your customer is looking for.


Niche Market “N”

Why is it important to target a niche market? Creating a niche market for your business is absolutely essential if you want to learn how to get people interested in your business model. This is because people are very choosy about what they want to spend their time doing.

Your message for eye liner tattoos should not be targeting men over 40 years old that drive Harley motorcycles. Sure the tattoos may appeal to some motorcyclists over 40 years old, but likely not for your business model.  Instead target a more relevant market like woman between ages 25 and 32.

Another important aspect of having a niche market is it’s better to be the best in a smaller market than mediocre in all markets.

How to target a niche market? Setting up filters for your message is very important. Focus on prioritizing where your message going. The more control you have over who sees your message the better. Knowing where your message is going can give you a great idea of what kinds of markets work for you and which ones don’t.

Lastly, do some keyword research and use it in your content. Find certain phrases that people in your niche market are using and put those phrases in your message. This will ensure that you relate to that target market. When you speak their language they will be more interested in what you offer.


Driven Attitude “D”

If you aren’t passionate about what you do then you will have a hard time learning how to get people interested in your business model. If you know you’re passionate about your business model, be the hype man. It’s so important that you are doing your own marketing and sharing what you love about your business. According to research in psychology, emotions are contagious.

It’s easy to be driven for a few months or even a year. If you want to continue to be driven, you will have to have goals and objectives for your business. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t feel like any progress is happening. Feeling the lack of progress and seeing it are two different things. Start by setting up some “smart goals” and then create objectives to complete those goals. 


The only way to truly succeed is having something to measure in the first place. If you haven’t already created a goal for your business and put objectives in place, start now. It will help you realize that your business really isn’t as far behind as you thought.


Let’s Recap!

Alright friends, we’ve done it. We have talked about how to get people interested in your business model. First we discussed the importance of a good message. One that is relevant and is clear from the start. We also talked about inviting our audience to act on our message.

Next we talked about having a niche market that you are targeting in order to make the most of your message. And lastly, we talked about how you can be more driven and essentially the biggest advocate for your own business by setting goals and objectives.

Hopefully you have learned something today. Now let’s go out and get some business!


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