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How to Make A Cold Call: The Mapping Technique

February 17, 2020 |By Seth Barrick | Marketing

Today we are going to discuss the purpose to making a cold call and how you can have better success when you pick up the phone.

Why Cold Call

First off, let’s discuss the purpose for making a cold call. For many businesses this is the primary strategy used in obtaining leads. Without leads, there is no business. Therefore, a cold call is used to bring in that business. Keep in mind, if you feel that you absolutely cannot make a cold call, there are other  effective ways to prospect.

When making a cold call, the purpose isn’t necessarily to close a deal on the first ring. Rather think of cold calling like getting from one part of a city to another. In order to get to your final destination you may have to take a train, taxi, bike, or possibly walk really far. In addition, realize that there will be some set backs while trying to reach your objective, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a cold call.


How to Cold Call

Many people fear making a cold call, not because they’re scared to talk to someone, but because they fear rejection. The simple solution is to realize that the person who picks up the phone isn’t rejecting you, they are simply rejecting your approach.

If you feel that you aren’t having as much success as you would like with your cold calls, then we have an answer for you.


The Mapping Technique

Like any other marketing technique, a cold call should have some strategy in place to help ensure success. In order to help you put some strategy into your cold call we’ve come up with what we like to call “The Mapping Technique.”

This method does a phenomenal job at ensuring your call is following a path to success. Using this technique will help you complete your objectives and eventually close the deal!


Make A Friend

The absolute worst thing that you can do on a cold call is assume that whoever answers the phone is your enemy. When somebody answers the phone assume that they are your best friend. If they feel like you are genuinely interested in talking to them they won’t be so quick to reject you.

Another important aspect to implement when trying to make a friend is making sure that you get their name. This will benefit you greatly in the future because you will have a point of reference in the company. When you make future connections in the company you will be able to use the name to build trust with a decision maker.


Ask For Time 

Once you have learned a little bit about your new friend you need to ask them for some time. You are making a cold call which means that your call wasn’t expected in the first place. When you ask for time you are showing that person that you respect their schedule.



Make sure that if they don’t have time at the moment, you ask for a time you can call back. This will make it much easier to get your foot in the door next time you call back because you have been invited to do so at another time. 


Pitch Quickly

When the opportunity comes to finally pitch your message to that person, you must be very brief. Keep in mind that this person is most likely not a decision maker, and you don’t want to waste your time giving a message that they can’t do anything with. Instead, share what company you work for and what industry you’re in.

If you feel this person cares enough in what you have told them so far, you might also briefly tell them in a sentence or two what your services are.



Now it is time to find out who can actually benefit from hearing your message. Following the quick pitch, you need to then ask the person if that is something that they oversee. If you find out they are not in charge of decisions for your offered services, ask for a name.


Name of Lead

It’s super important to be persistent in getting the name of your lead. If you cannot get the lead from the person you initially spoke to on the phone, try something else. There is more than one way to find the name of the decision maker you need to speak to.

Use another phone call to your advantage. Maybe you call back another time and you get another person who is willing to give you a name. Another method you can use is the social media approach. The LinkedIn platform has some great tools for prospecting and finding out who you should be talking to.


Get the Gig

Lastly you’ve gotta get the gig! It’s not as simple as saying “hey let’s set up an appointment.” You want your lead to want to keep in touch. A strategic way to do this is by making your lead feel like they need to learn more.

Don’t answer all of their questions about your offered service on the first call. You want to answer just enough of their questions to keep them interested. Following this you can set a time to answer any further questions they have.


Let’s Recap!

Today we have talked in great detail about how to make a cold call and some techniques you can use to do so. Remember, improving your cold call strategy will take time and lots of practice. Now go pick up the phone and make a cold call!


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