Account Based Marketing Process And How To Make It Work For Your Business

Let’s face it! When it comes to business every company lives and dies by its client base. If there is nobody to benefit through the company’s product or services, then there is no company at all. What differentiates one company from another is the type of client they fish for.

There are three types of clients that a business may target:

  • Consumer
  • Small Business
  • Corporation

Today we are going to discuss account-based marketing, a strategy that NuQuo has utilized for years to reach clients at the corporate level. These tactics have led to the success of many marketing campaigns and have created many high-quality leads.

First off, for account-based marketing to succeed you have to be be prepared! Have you ever heard that failing to plan is planning to fail? This is just as true for B2C (business-to-consumer) as it is for B2B (business-to-business). In account-based marketing there are three essential aspects that a company must execute before they set their hooks into the water.

Account Based Marketing Process For Finding A MARKET

Which industry are you trying to target? For example, determine right from the get-go if you want to sell your services in the medical industry or if you want to target educational institutes. Targeting every market isn’t going to set you apart from your competitors and will label you as average to many potential clients. In short, have a niche.

Account Based Marketing Process For Finding A NEED

What problem is your target market trying to solve? For example, here at NuQuo we create solutions for clients in the copier industry. We help clients to carefully analyze where they can decrease costs.

Maybe you’re a software company that specializes in malware protection. You might want to target universities. There are a couple of reasons for this. First off, you are a relevant solution to this market and demand is already present. Ensuring that all computers on a university campus are virus protected is needed. Secondly, finding the needs for one client will help you to understand other clients in the same industry.

Account Based Marketing Process For Finding A FRIEND

When it comes to finding quality leads at the corporate level, it’s imperative that a personal relationship is established. C-level individuals are so busy in their day-to-day tasks and don’t have time to listen to voicemails or read emails out of their stewardship. Individuals at this level will never have time to listen to your message. But when you’re a friend they will make time.

Once you have thoughtfully executed the preparation phase of your account-based marketing plan, you can start building your brand. To effectively do this, one must think about where the target market exists. Which platforms are the clients on? Are they on Facebook or Snapchat? LinkedIn or Instagram? Once you have determined the proper platforms, consider how they will receive your message.

Content Format

Nowadays, video content is the preferred method to reach many target audiences. The reason for this is simply due to time efficiency. A message can be identified quickly and with much greater detail through video content than content which is read. That being said, find out how your target audience prefers to look for answers to their problems. Video content won’t always be the right answer.

Ad Fatigue

Market don’t advertise! The purpose of marketing is to help guide your clients to a solution they are already looking for. Advertising is just annoying and is simply blasting your message out to as many eyeballs as possible. At this point you’ve already worked so hard to determine your target market, their needs, and you’ve even created a relationship. Why ruin that now? Instead, build trust with your clients by offering valuable insight and not overwhelming them with promotional content.

The secret behind offering valuable insight is to build trust with your target market. Nobody wants to do business with a company that offers little to no value. In all reality, offering valuable insight is just a test. Once your target marketing sees you as a valuable source for answers, they will start to wonder how your services can help them directly.

Selling Without Selling

At this point you have already made the client comfortable and converted their attention. You’ve have built up enough credibility, by offering valuable information, and the client now believes that your knowledge is just a small portion of what you can offer. From here, look for opportunities to offer your services as a friend rather than a salesman.

Once you have made a pitch and have closed the sale, foster the relationship with your client. Real relationships, especially in business, are valued much more than people realize. Continue to follow up with your client and go beyond what is asked of you. This will not only strengthen your personal relationship with the client, but it will strengthen the client’s relationship with your company.

Personal Advocates

From here your clients can become personal advocates for your brand. The best type of marketing is word of mouth. This doesn’t mean that you can simply sit back and not do anything. You have to be proactive in nurturing your current relationship with a client. Your client more than likely has relationships with other potential clients in which your services can benefit.

You simply build credibility and trust with your target market by offering as much value as you can. From here, make sure to go beyond the client’s expectations and foster a lasting relationship with them. This will lead you in the right direction and you will see a tremendous increase of clients in no time.